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Hello, I'm Phil Haltman. Welcome to my site about sanitation. Like many people, I did not pay much attention to garbage in my early years. As I reached adulthood, I started to investigate the impact of waste on our environment. I noticed that our current way of collecting and processing waste was innovative, yet could benefit from technological advancements. I would like to use this site to explore the topic of sanitation in more detail. I will talk about waste processing services, equipment and changes. I will also discuss policy changes as they occur throughout the world. I hope you will follow along to learn more.


Uncovering Your Options: Additional Services From A Portable Restroom Rental Company

When planning an outdoor event, arranging for portable restroom rentals should be at the top of your list. Not only are portable restrooms an essential component of any large event, but they can also be a great way to ensure attendees have a pleasant experience.

If you're looking for portable restroom rentals, you can request the rental company for more than just portable toilets. This highlights a few extra services portable restroom rental companies can offer you.

Hand-washing Stations 

Portable restroom rental companies can offer hand-washing stations as an additional service to ensure customers have a sanitary and hygienic environment for using the restrooms. These stations are typically self-contained and do not require any plumbing or electricity installation. Instead, they rely on a pressure tank of fresh water for washing that is replenished with the help of a mobile water truck, making them easy and convenient to maintain.

Hand-washing station units come in different varieties depending on the type of event or function they will be servicing. Some companies offer smaller units that provide basic soap and also have features such as mirrors and paper towel dispensers. Others provide larger units that can fit multiple people at once. They have more extensive amenities such as hot water temperatures, automatic shower heads, foot baths, barrier-free access, and dental hygiene products.

Besides quality and comfort, convenience is another key factor when considering hand-washing station services from a portable restroom rental company. Hand-washing stations are typically assembled quickly and taken down just as easily without having to worry about complicated installation requirements. This makes them suitable for indoor and outdoor events where space or setup time is restricted.

Furthermore, it is important that the safety measures for using these extra services are clearly outlined by the rental company so that all users understand exactly how to use them safely and effectively. By providing this comprehensive customer service, portable restroom rental companies can ensure their customers have all their needs met beyond just traditional restroom rentals.


Portable restroom rental companies also offer maintenance services for portable toilets. This includes regularly inspecting the portable restrooms, emptying them, refilling them with water, and sanitizing the portable restroom units.

If your event will last more than a few hours or have more than a few portable restrooms, it's important to consider how often they will need to be serviced. Portable restroom rental companies can provide this service to ensure that your portable restroom units are kept clean and functional.

In addition, portable restroom rental companies can also provide portable restroom maintenance products such as toilet deodorizers, toilet paper, and more. These products can help keep portable restrooms clean and hygienic throughout the duration of your event.

By opting for these extra services from portable restroom rental companies, you can ensure that your portable restrooms are safe and operational for the duration of your event.

For more information about portable restroom rentals, contact a local company.