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Hello, I'm Phil Haltman. Welcome to my site about sanitation. Like many people, I did not pay much attention to garbage in my early years. As I reached adulthood, I started to investigate the impact of waste on our environment. I noticed that our current way of collecting and processing waste was innovative, yet could benefit from technological advancements. I would like to use this site to explore the topic of sanitation in more detail. I will talk about waste processing services, equipment and changes. I will also discuss policy changes as they occur throughout the world. I hope you will follow along to learn more.


Three Reasons To Hire A Certified Mold Inspector

Indoor mold is a significant problem affecting many homeowners in America. It occurs when this fungus grows in moist and humid areas, leading to various problems, such as a decrease in the building's structural integrity and different health complications. As such, homeowners must monitor their homes for mold growth to prevent them from growing and spreading. Signs indicating the presence of mold growth include a damp or musty odor from the walls and floors, slimy spots on clothes, and allergic flare-ups. Additionally, there are different types of molds with unique signs. Thus, you should hire a competent mold inspector to assess your house and recommend the best strategy to eradicate your indoor mold. Here are three reasons homeowners should consult a certified mold inspector when facing a mold problem. 

Determining a Room's Moisture Levels

Molds thrive in areas with ideal conditions such as high moisture content, warm temperatures, and in areas with food and mold spores. However, the most common cause of mold growth is humidity. Thus, controlling your house's moisture level is ideal for preventing mold growth. Homeowners should hire a mold inspector to assess and establish their home's moisture levels. These professionals have the experience and equipment required to measure a house's moisture levels and determine if the home is at risk of a mold infestation. Determining the house's moisture levels helps homeowners control their home's humidity levels. Homeowners should hire mold inspectors regularly or after water damage to assess their house's moisture levels and determine the risks of mold growth. 

Implementing Changes to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Hiring a mold inspector is beneficial because they improve one's indoor air quality. Molds release tiny spores into the air, affecting the indoor air quality and causing discomfort when inhaled. Thus, homeowners should hire a mold inspector to check the house for mold growth before implementing a solution. Eradicating mold improves the house's air quality, making people comfortable while at home. 

Mitigating Mold Growth that Often Causes Health Complications

One should hire a mold inspector to prevent various health complications associated with indoor mold. Mold growth poses numerous health risks, such as skin rash, allergic reactions, infections, and respiratory complications that may cause wheezing and sneezing. Consulting a mold inspector allows homeowners to detect and remove these harmful fungi, thus preventing these health problems. Additionally, the inspector will advise you on how you can maintain your house to prevent mold growth. It prevents you from contracting these mold-related health problems in the future.  

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