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Hello, I'm Phil Haltman. Welcome to my site about sanitation. Like many people, I did not pay much attention to garbage in my early years. As I reached adulthood, I started to investigate the impact of waste on our environment. I noticed that our current way of collecting and processing waste was innovative, yet could benefit from technological advancements. I would like to use this site to explore the topic of sanitation in more detail. I will talk about waste processing services, equipment and changes. I will also discuss policy changes as they occur throughout the world. I hope you will follow along to learn more.


3 Things To Consider When Renting A Roll-Off Dumpster For Your Construction Site

Construction projects always result in a large amount of waste that can affect operations on your construction site. Therefore, every contractor needs to employ effective waste management strategies, and one of them is investing in a roll-off dumpster. This can free up your site, allowing workers to move around quickly as they perform their duties. But first, you need to ensure you rent the right dumpster to get the most out of dumpster rental services. The following are three things to keep in mind when choosing a roll-off dumpster for your construction site.

1. Size

Dumpster rental companies usually offer different sizes of dumpsters, and you have to choose based on your project's scope. If you have a small renovation project, you can get away with a 10-yard container. A 20-yard roll-off dumpster is an excellent option for home construction or large-scale renovation projects. However, if you want to build a major infrastructure such as a shopping mall or are managing civil construction, you will certainly need a bigger dumpster.

Renting a bigger dumpster than you need can be a waste of money because you will pay for space you won't use. On the other hand, the dumpster might fill up before the next waste removal time if you rent a smaller one. If you fill up the dumpster beyond its capacity, which is prohibited due to safety reasons, you may be penalized for this mistake. Therefore, you should work closely with the experts from your dumpster rental company to find the right dumpster. In addition, it is advisable to work with a dumpster company with a wide array of sizes to avoid inconvenience.

2. Type of Waste You Want to Dump

Another factor to keep in mind when renting a roll-off dumpster is the waste you want to dump. Most companies forbid some materials, such as adhesives, electronics, drugs, and hazardous and flammable items. Some don't allow mixing certain things, such as gravel and other materials. Therefore, if you need to dispose of gravel, you might need to rent another small dumpster for it.

3. Placement

You should choose the location you will place the dumpster beforehand. It is essential to clear space that will fit the dumpster and facilitate waste collection. Also, your workers should be able to access this location without difficulties. In addition, ensure the location you choose makes work more manageable for the haulers during drop-off and pick-up.

The factors discussed above can guide you when choosing roll-off dumpsters. Remember to compare the rates and services of several dumpster rental companies to choose one that works for you. Look for a company like ESP Dumpsters & Waste Services in your local area.