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Hello, I'm Phil Haltman. Welcome to my site about sanitation. Like many people, I did not pay much attention to garbage in my early years. As I reached adulthood, I started to investigate the impact of waste on our environment. I noticed that our current way of collecting and processing waste was innovative, yet could benefit from technological advancements. I would like to use this site to explore the topic of sanitation in more detail. I will talk about waste processing services, equipment and changes. I will also discuss policy changes as they occur throughout the world. I hope you will follow along to learn more.


Portable Toilet Rentals For Weddings

If you're planning a large, outdoor wedding, don't forget to include portable toilet rentals in your budget. Although portable toilets aren't as glamorous as event decor, flowers and food, they're still a necessary part of your nuptials. The good news is that you can find toilet rentals that are streamlined, shiny and luxurious - a far cry from the smelly ones we're accustomed to using at fairs and festivals. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing toilet rentals for your special day:

1. Consider the Color

Look for toilets that blend into the wedding decor as much as possible, rather than stand out in a bright, flashy shade of bright red or blue. You can find luxury rentals in classy gold or silver tones, with modern steps for easy access. 

If your wedding has a rustic, woodsy theme, you may also consider toilet rentals in nature-inspired hues of dark green or brown. 

2. Interior Options

To make your guests feel as welcome as possible on your big day, choose toilet rentals with all of  the comforts of home. Luxury rentals include options such as rich wood finishes and granite counter tops, as well as porcelain sinks with stainless steel or chrome fixtures. 

Some rentals also feature foot-flushing mechanisms so that guests don't have to touch handles. Luxe floor options range from hardwood to ceramic tile, depending on your preference. 

There are many different choices when it comes to walls as well; some options include wood-paneled, wallpapered or painted. 

3. Extra Touches

If you want to go all-out, some portable rental companies offer amenities such as LED lighting, higher ceilings for an elegant look, and even radios and CD players. Also, make sure the the units are climate-controlled with heat and air-conditioning. 

You may be able to choose LED lighting in hues that coordinate with your wedding colors, such as purple and green. Also, you can choose to play a rotation of love-inspired tunes, such as your first dance song. 

4. Trailer Space

When choosing a toilet rental, also consider if you'll need additional trailer space for you and your wedding party to get ready in. Some rental companies also offer trailers that coordinate with the toilets, and that are roomy enough to accommodate full dresses and more than one person at a time.

You may find other uses for the trailer throughout the event, such personal belonging storage. To learn more, contact a company like Gordon's Septic & Water Services